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Calgel Nail Menu

Calgel is a semi-permanent gel system available in over 90 different colours to perfectly match your desired look. Calgel is a thin flexible and durable gel system which is ideal for use on your natural nails and can be used to create nail extensions by using tips or gel sculptures. Calgel is perfect for long lasting colour on fingers and toes. Calgel also adds strength to the natural nail and offers chip free nail colour that can be safely and quickly soaked off to leave clean and damage free nails. 

•Clear Overlays (45 mins) £25.00

•Color overlays (1 hr) £35.00

•French overlays (1 hr 15 mins) £40.00

•Color French overlays (1hr 15min) £40.00

•Reverse French £45.00

•Nail repair (15/30 mins) £4.00

•Soak off (30 mins)£5 - £10.00

• + one color £3.00

•Tips (1 hr 45 mins) £40.00•Art £1~5 each •Glitter line 30P~

•Stone 30p~ •Art stone £1.00~£5.00

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